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Contact Lenses

     There are huge advances in the technology of Contact Lenses. The materials have advanced in terms of the amount of Oxygen that permeates through the lens to the cornea.


     The biggest cause of serious health issues with Contact Lens wear is the loss of Oxygen to the cornea. Unfortunately, the patient can not feel this loss while it causes serious damage to the eye. This is the reason we prescribe only the highest quality materials.


     It is also the policy of our office to set 1 year expiration dates on our Contact Lens prescriptions. This insures a yearly check-up to monitor the health of the eyes. Unfortunately, the industry in Israel is very lacking when it comes to the seriousness of proper Contact Lens care. This includes improper instructions on the disposability of the lenses. We follow the U.S. - F.D.A. Guidelines for all lenses which in our 30+ years of experience has resulted in countless healthy and happy patients.


     Multifocal Contact Lenses in Soft and Rigid materials are gaining popularity with the 40+ crowd. These lenses eliminate the need for glasses completely. Long-time Contact Lens wearers feel frustrated when their Near Vision begins to become bothersome. Multifocal Contact lenses can keep you going in your glasses-free lifestyle.

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