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Our frames don't have anyone's name on the side!​

     In our 32 years of experience we have found that the more famous the designer is, the lower quality the frame is. Most of the time, the more famous the designer is, the more expensive the frame will be as well.


     You will find that, in our collection, the reason one frame will be more expensive than another is strictly because it is better quality. We have a tremendous selection of the latest styles in both American and European trends. When you purchase a good quality frame by us, you are getting a frame that is constructed in an extremely durable manner as well as the latest design. You will find that we have excellent choices in whichever frame type you prefer. From classic rimless frames to the latest funky thick plastics with great colors (and everything in between), our frames collection has been noted by our patients as being the largest and most diverse one in Beit Shemesh.


     When you purchase a guaranteed frame, you can be well assured that the next year will be worry free from problems. When we guarantee a frame it's because we know it is the finest quality in the optical market anywhere in the world. We have access to American and European product so we can be choosy and pick only the best for our collection.

     One of the most bothersome issues that people have with frames has the simplest solution. The proper adjustment of the frame on your face is a major factor in physical comfort but also has a tremendous impact on your vision. There are times when visual discomfort is actually not due to a change in the prescription, but rather due to the frame not sitting properly. We take pride in the fact that we are very careful to make sure you are comfortable when receiving a new frame. We also are very serious when we tell our patients that if they ever need an adjustment, to never hesitate to call and come in. A well adjusted frame is crucial to your visual comfort (especially in a Multifocal Lens!).

The w i d e s t  selection in Beit Shemesh!

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