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Multifocal Lenses

     The most important message I try to convey to my patients is that not all Multifocal Lenses are the same.


     A Multifocal Lens is a lens that has various areas of differing powers in order to allow the wearer to see comfortably at all distances. The lens power gradually changes to the reading prescription towards the bottom of the lens. This presents a significant advantage over traditional bifocals which has a very sharp, drastic jump from the Distance Vision portion straight to the Reading Vision portion.


     Multifocal lenses have both a functional advantage as well as a cosmetic advantage. The lens has no unsightly lines and looks like any other regular lens.


     We are very adamant to only use Varilux Brand lenses for our Multifocal patients. The term Varilux is used by many as a generic term. This is wrong. The reason that the Varilux corporation is the leader in the industry is because the lens designs are inherently better due to their superior optics and ease of use. There are most definitely less expensive Multifocal lenses on the market, but none that are better than Varilux. When purchasing Multifocal lenses that will be instrumental in your visual comfort and crucial in your functioning at work and at home, it actually pays to buy the best.


     While all Multifocal Lenses have distortion in the periphery due to the Physics of incorporating all the powers onto one lens surface, Varilux  designs have much wider areas of clear vision.



Comparison of the Field of Vision of Progressive Lenses


Generic                         Vs.                        Varilux

Multifocal Lenses are expensive.

Make sure you purchase the best quality.

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