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     A good glasses prescription is only as good as the lenses made from it. Your lenses need to be of the highest quality optics and be manufactured exactly as specified by the Eye Doctor. The more complicated the prescription, the more you need to trust the professionalism of your Eyewear Provider.


     We stand behind our guarantees to the fullest. Coatings such as Anti-Reflection and Scratch Resistant can add so much to your visual comfort.


     An Anti-Reflection Coating allows the maximum amount of light to proceed through the lenses as opposed to reflecting off. This is advantageous for night driving as it eliminates the “stringing” effect that sometimes occurs with the headlights of cars. It also provides a terrific Scratch Resistant Coating to extend the length of the life of the lens.


     The choice of material for the lenses is also crucial for a good vision experience. Thinner and lighter materials such as Polycarbonate and Trivex are called for when certain prescriptions are required. For example, a highly near-sighted prescription (minus) could benefit from a High Index lens to provide a lighter, more cosmetically appealing pair of glasses.

     Specific styles and materials can also reduce the magnification that some high Plus lenses cause (Far-Sightedness). This is especially helpful when a small child needs glasses.


     We also have access to materials and styles of lenses that are not available anywhere in Israel. Our over 32 years of experience gives us the advantage when it comes to fitting and adjusting your new glasses.

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