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Driving License

Renewal Exams

     Being licensed in both N.Y. And Israel, allows me to perform the vision test required for Drivers Licenses in the U.S. and in Israel.

     For U.S. based licenses, I have experience in many of the various States.

     Please check with your particular State to ensure that my N.Y. State license will be accepted.


     NY State Drivers License renewals can be completed online after the exam. After the exam I will enter your results directly to the NY DMV server. When you log in (using your drivers license number), you will NOT be asked about the vision exam. You will simply pay them your fee and can then even print out a temporary license. YOU DO NOT NEED THE FORM ANYMORE.


     Please bring your current license (even if expired) to the examination.


     The exam will be a full comprehensive exam and the results will be entered at its completion.

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