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Post Laser



"I don't need an exam because I had Laser done!"


     While it is true that most people who have had a laser corrective procedure done do not need glasses until they reach the point when they need them for reading, a comprehensive examination is necessary every 2 years to check if there are any health issues to be monitored. 


     Lasik (and other procedures), remove the refractive error of the eye by reshaping the cornea. This usually (if succesful) removes the need for glasses and contact lenses, and provides almost 20/20 vision without correction. This does not have any effect at all on health issues such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Retinal Detachments.


     One example: If a person had a high Nearsighted prescription before he underwent Laser surgery, his Retinas are still in the same condition they were before. Nearsighted eyes have a higher risk of Retinal Detachments. Even though you are not nearsighted anymore, your Retinas don't know that! They still have the thinning associated with high Myopia.


The bottom line is: Even if you have had Vision Correcting Surgery, it is still absolutely necessary to have a Comprehensive Eye Exam including Glaucoma Testing and a Retinal Evaluation, at least every 2 years. 

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