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The Comprehensive Eye Exam


An Eye Exam or a Vision Exam?


There are many adults who have never had a complete Eye Examination. They figure that if they think they see well, and nothing hurts, then everything must be OK. Obviously, a careful Refraction (measurement of the prescription of the eye), is crucial. But, there is so much more involved in a truly Comprehensive Eye Examination.

Beside assuring that the visual acuity in each eye is optimized, the Eye Doctor must also achieve good balance between the two eyes. This means that the prescription must be set so that both eyes end up working the same amount and pointing precisely at the same target. The amount of demand for convergence and focusing must be equal for each eye in order to maintain comfortable binocular vision. Therefore, any Comprehensive Eye Exam must include muscle balance testing both for adults as well as children.

As important as the prescription (if not more important!) is the Eye health evaluation. There are many general diseases and conditions that are detectable in the eyes including Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. Eye Diseases specific to the eyes include Glaucoma (High “Pressure”) and Macular Degeneration. A Comprehensive Eye Exam includes testing and screening for these as well as conditions such as Cataracts.

So, whether you need glasses or not, a Comprehensive Eye Examination is recommended to insure continued good ocular health.

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